Monday, May 11, 2009

8bit in toronto has a birth

Here is an article on local Toronto blog Grubtunes, a one man battle against drudgery in music, about a recent toronto 8bit event called Bowzer attacks toronto. Which was posted below.

Featured that night were the eminent Toronto gameboyists Tetris Holdem, Montreal Meyham artist Battle Lava, Indie Chip Dynamo PDF Format, and Techno's Prodigal Son, Touchboy (of 8bit peoples, chiptune's preeminent label).

This is great! And this is where i tell you that Touchboy and PDF format are planning to begin a monthly chiptune conference in toronto. A show, and tutorial. And maybe LAN party? (i hope)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

PDF Format EP released on Building Blocks (blocks recordings)

Building Blocks Digital Singles Club #2
PDF Format’s This Is What It’s Like To Feel” EP
Now available for free download!

When you think of 8-bit music you think of torpor-filled teen-bots singing ironic hymns to cocaine and getting parties started, right? Yet, with the same tools PDF Format makes expansive, emotive, electric glam epics that boogie like Sweet, jerk like Devo and jive like turkey. His take on “God Only Knows” drags the boomer chestnut into the uncanny valley in the same way that Devo did with “Satisfaction.” His original, “This is What It’s Like To Feel” could have been arranged by Mecha-Jim Steinman. “We Shall All Eat Krill” could be the finale to a failed 1970s Broadway musical about a foodless dystopia originally derided for its cast being decked out in sequined codpieces, but now given its own 33 1/3 book.

Why wait for future approval? Go to:

to download PDF’s three-song EP.

JOIN THIS GROUP FOR THE PASSWORD! (the facebook group this is taken from)

Been a while since we had anyone send us updates, but....

Toy Company 4!

Bubblyfish [ Chiptune music ] New-York
Pero [Electro / Toys & 8bit]
Matt Fuzz [ Indie / 8 bit ]
Cougarettes [ Electro / Rock ]
Aliceffekt feat XC3N [ Hardcore / Chipcore ]

Special interactive gore performance by Popcore Duo

DJ Erreur 404 [ Powerpop / Ghettotech]
VJ Pocaille [ 8bit ]

Presale ticket avaible soon / Billets prévente disponibles bientôt

Info : + Facebook
Bigger Flyer :

Info : (514)442-4052 + (514)261-4234

I would see this if i were you, canada.