Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the future

Well, today I had a meeting with Blocks Recording Club about my upcoming EP (May 1 - details on the Facebook group), and we talked about potential services blocks might render in regard to Toronto of 8-Bit, and in general, tutorials for torontonians. They have offered some through the Toronto Public Library in the past, so they were receptive. Perhaps then, To8B will be teaching you famitracker at the Tranzac!

More later.

And also, i just checked out, basically, twitter + combined.... a nd a bunch of people had blipped my songs already! WORD UP!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Name those unfinished songs contest

That's right, both my readers, Toronto of 8-bit is having contest (man handshake, what's this? - said the cop) - virtualize it. it's nigital! (n-digital joke).

clap clap (five)

I am putting up unfinished songbodies, and you can name them. name them for how they sound, or for how you wished they sound, anme the song you feel they are a small aprt of. or not.

Name liquid? Get out of here - engineer.

I'll be uploading the pack to my server shortly, and you can submit your names to the email address provided in the following post.

vaccum? ithought you said "dog walking."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tetris Holdem doing 2 shows!

Tetris Holdem is doing some shows! check em out.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Got Brains? - Videovalvontaa's masterpiece

Videovalvontaa - GOT BRAINS? from Ville Konttinen on Vimeo.

I so rarely jump out of my skin when watching someone's work, but this is truly astonishing. My friend from Finland (Turku, to be exact, if you want to make a pilgrimage to his birthplace) created this with his girlfriend. They are fantastic.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Toronto 8bit Meetup Plans

I want toronto 8bit fans/musicians to meet up. Right now, the big 3 (Tetris Hold'Em, Touchboy, PDF Format) don't even play together. This is wrong. We need a community. Let's make a community.


TO that end, I will be organizing an 8bit party, with DJs spinning the best chiptunes, live performances from chiptune wonderkinds, and some nice video games to play. And cool visuals, and those things.

if you want to chip in, or are interesting in being updated about this event, follow the blog!

Or contact me through the blog!

First post

on a new blog about 8bit in toronto.

Mainly, we did this so far

started a facebook group.

i'll be getting more stuff up as time passes.

but for now, check out some of these famous toronto 8bit masteres